PARI Agricultural Innovation Database

Welcome to the Agricultural Innovation Database of the Program of Accompanying Research for Agricultural Innovation (PARI). The database includes technological, managerial and institutional innovations that could be applied along agricultural value chains. All of the innovations contained in the database have undergone an impact assessment. The aim of the database is to identify and document the most promising innovations in agriculture and the food sector that have the potential to be scaled up in tropical and sub-tropical countries in general and especially across the countries linked to PARI in Africa and India.

You can search the database by keywords or using different search criteria without requiring a log-in.

If you have a successful and empirically tested agricultural innovation that you would like to share, you are welcome to submit it to the database. To do so, please sign up for the database. Once your registration is approved by the administrator, you can enter innovations using the input mask provided. Before your description of the innovation will be seen online, it will be reviewed by the administrator.

For further information, please contact pari(at)